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Trumpet Teachers List


Santa Rosa Junior College (CA)
Pacific Union College (CA)
Pete Estabrook
Chico State Univ. (CA) Rick Winslow
Cal-State Stanislaus (CA)
University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA)
Lenny Ott
Cal-State Long Beach (CA) Charley Davis
UC Santa Cruz Ray Brown (jazz), Owen Miyoshi
Lewis and Clark College
(Portland, Oregon)
James O'Banion
Bethune-Cookman University
(Daytona Beach, Florida)
Eric Wright
Univ. of Southern California Boyde Hood
Centre College (Kentucky) Vince DiMartino
New England Conservatory (MA) Charles Schlueter, John McNeil (jazz)
Boston University Peter Chapman, Terry Everson, Joseph Foley, Charles, Lewis, Thomas Rolfs
Chicago College of Performing Arts (Roosevelt University) Mark Ridnour, Channing Philbrick, Rob Parton
Univ. of Texas at Austin Raymond Crisara
Cleveland Inst. of Music (OH) Michael Sachs
Univ. of Richmond (VA) Dr. Michael Davison
Univ. of Minnesota David Baldwin, Gary Bordner
Angelo State Univ. (TX) John Irish
Univ. of Southern Mississippi Joel Treybig
Oberlin Conservatory (OH) Roy Poper
Rutgers University William Fielder
Univ. of Toronto Stephen Chenette
Royal Acadamy of Music
(Toronto, Canada)
Andrew McCandless, James Gardiner
Univ. of Arizona Edward Reid
Univ. of New Mexico Jeffery Piper
Cal-State Northridge (CA) Wayne Bergeron (jazz) , William Bing, David Washburn
Berklee College of Music (MA) Jeff Stout (jazz)
Western Washington Univ. Vincent Green
Northern Oklahoma College Dr. Michael Moore
Northern Illinois University Mark Ponzo
Sacramento State Univ. (CA) Gary Dilworth
Manhattan School of Music Cecil Bridgewater, Lew Soloff, Thomas Smith, Byron Stripling, Robert Sullivan, Vince Pinzarella
Mannes College Vince Penzarella, Robert Sullivan
The New School (NYC) Randy Brecker, Donald Byrd, Cecil Bridgewater
Eastman School of Music (NY) Clay Jenkins (jazz), James Thompson
California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA) Kennith Larson (jazz), John Fumo (jazz)
North Eastern Univ. Charles Geyer, Barbara Butler
North Western Univ. Charles Geyer
Hayward State Univ. Jay Rizzetto
Humbolt State Univ. Gil Cline
UC Berkley Laurie McGaw
San Francisco Conservatory Mario Guarneri, Dave Burkhart
San Francisco State University John Worley
Peabody Conservatory Wayne Cameron
Longy School of Music Benjamin Wright
DePauw University School of Music Leonard Foy
DePaul University Matthew Lee, Bob Lark (jazz), Tage Larsen
Baldwin Wallace College John Brndiar
Univ. of Michigan Charlie Daval, Bill Campbell, William Lucas (jazz), Raymon Parcells, Kevin Good
Michigan State Univ. Rich Illman
Univ. of Minnesota David Baldwin
Miami Univ. in Oxford Ohio James Olcott
Univ. of Wisconsin-La Crosse David Cooper
Wichita State University Judith Saxton
Arona Music School Steve Leisring
Univ. of Tenessee in Martin Joseph Bowman
Univ. of Tenessee Cathy Leach
Univ. of Maryland Chris Gekker
Virginia Tech. Allen Bachelder
Bemidji State Univ. (MN) Dr. Delon Lyren
North Corolina School of the Arts Mark Niehaus
Ohio State Univ. (OH) Bill Campbell
McNeese State Univ. (LA) David Scott
Ohio Univ. in Athens (OH) John Schlabach
Univ. of Washington Allen Vizzutti
Florida State Univ. Bryan Goff
Juilliard Wynton Marsalis (improv), Jon Faddis (jazz), Ray Mase, Philip Smith, Kevin Cobb
Mannes School of Music Vince Pinzarella
UCLA Malcom McNab
Thelonius Monk Institute @USC Bobby Shew
Indiana Univ. John Rommel, Edmund Cord, Bill Adam (Retired), Pat Harbison (jazz)
Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania Kevin Eisensmith
Oral Roberts University (OK) Douglas Wilson
Ithaca College Frank Campos
Univ. of North Texas Leonard Candelaria, Keith Johnson
Rice University
(Shephard School of Music)
Marie Speziale
Univ. of Connecticut James Ackley
Southwest Texas State Univ. Keith Winking
Texas Christian University
(Fort Worth TX)
Jon Burgess
Univ. of Central Florida John Almeida
Univ. of Florida Joyce Davis
Louisiana State University James West
Jacksonville State University Cameron "Chip" Crotts
Wichita State Univ. Judith Saxton
Boyer College of Music Jeffrey Curnow, David Bilger, Roger Blackburn, Robert Earley, Michael Natale, Eric Schweingruber, Terell Stafford
Baylor University Wiff Rudd
Univ. of Nothern Colorado Dr. Robert Murray, Professor of Trumpet, Dr. Scott Meredith, Instructor of Trumpet (adjunct),Kevin Whalen, Instructor of Jazz Trumpet (adjunct)
Blair School of Music
(Vanderbilt University)
Allan Cox
Mary Pappert School of Music
at Duquensne Univ.
Roger Sherman
Univ. or Cincinnati Conservatory Alan Siebert
Rowan Univ. (New Jersey) Dr. Bryan Appleby-Wineberg, Robert Earley, George Rabbai (jazz)
Anderson University (South Carolina) Jeff Purtle
Lynn Conservatory of Music (Boca Ratan, Fl.) Mark Reese

This is not intended to be a complete list. Names appear in no particular order. Please report any additions or updates to the webmaster